NEW RELEASES: Tuesday, April 20th 2010

Bullet for my Valentine’s: Fever

Its been two years since the last album from this metal band. Their third studio album, Fever comes out just as the band is hitting the road for a US tour and a big summer of live performances!



1. Hit And Run
2. Corridors
3. These Days Are Black
4. Your Betrayal
5. Numbers
6. I Am Not Alone
7. The Fever
8. Reason To Hide
9. Begging For Mercy
10. Reverse This Curse
11. The Last Fight

Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History

Two Door Cinema Club are a trio of young guys from Northern Ireland formed in 2007. Tourist History is their first full-length album and they rock out every track! They are currently on tour in the US


1. Cigarettes In The Theatre
2. Come Back Home
3. Undercover Martyn
4. Do You Want It All?
5. This Is The Life
6. Something Good Can Work
7. I Can Talk
8. What You Know
9. Eat That Up, It’s Good For You
10. You’re Not Stubborn

Gogol Bordello: Trans-Continental Hustle

Gogol Bordello, the Gypsy punk band from NYC’s LES is out with their 5th album Transcontinental Hustle.  If you need some rocking out music look no further!



01 – Pala Tute
02 – My Companjera
03 – Sun Is On My Side
04 – Rebellious Love
05 – Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
06 – When Universes Collide
07 – Uma Menina
08 – Raise The Knowledge
09 – Last One Goes The Hope
10 – To Rise Above
11 – In The Meantime In Pernambuco
12 – Break The Spell
13 – Trans-Continental Hustle

Drowning Pool: Self-titled

Drowning Pool the four-piece heavy metal band formed in 1996 is out with their 4th album now featuring Ryan McCombs on vocals self titled, Drowning Pool.   Drowning Pool is currently has  guitar giveaway on, find out how you can enter HERE


1. Let the Sin Begin
2. Feel Like I Do
3. Turn So Cold
4. Regret
5. Over My Head
6. All About Me
7. More Than Worthless
8. Children of the Gun
9. Alcohol Blind
10. Horns Up
11. King Zero

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