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Grand Mal to release Clandestine Songs (June 15) | mp3 “Lower Yer Heart”

Grand Mal: Clandestine Songs
(Groover Recordings; June 15, 2010)


Grand Mal‘s Clandestine Songs, being released digitally on June 15, 2010 through Swedish indie label Groover Recordings, raises rock’s intelligence with sharp lyrics, catchy riffs and swooning background vocals.

Led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Bill Whitten, Grand Mal has been together since 1995. The band recorded Clandestine Songs in Whitten’s Brooklyn apartment on an “ancient” hard-disc recorder with a little help from some talented friends: guitarist Mike Bones; Parker Kindred of Antony and the Johnsons; Brad Truax of Home; Justin Russo of The Silent League; Jason Russo of Hopewell; Mike Fadem of The Jealous Girlfriends; and Ken Griffin of Favourite Sons and Rollerskate Skinny. Whitten also produced, engineered and mixed Clandestine Songs. Grammy award-winner Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, MGMT) polished and mastered the recording at Tarbox Road Studios in Buffalo, NY.

Clandestine Songs, the follow-up to 2007’s Congratulations: You’ve Rejoined the Human Race and Grand Mal’s sixth album, offers 13-tracks, including “Lower Yer Heart,” named for the book Lower Your Hearts by French writer Georges Darien. “That particular phrase immediately reminded of the legend of Rapunzel,” says Whitten. “Also, while I was waiting for the subway one day, I overhead a homeless man make the most ridiculous, obscene come-ons to female passersby. They were so over-the-top and hilarious, the women actually laughed at what he was saying. So, I put myself in his shoes: Lower your heart/into my clutches/until it touches/my filthy crutches/I’ve got so much love to give to you…

Whitten’s favorite, “Call My Name,” sizzles with the precise guitar solo of Mike Bones, Truax’s grooving bass and Kindred’s distinctive drumbeats. “I’m also not embarrassed by the lyrics, which are about a person I used to know who believed too much in the unhealthy and juvenile mythologies of rock’n’roll,” Whitten says. He wrote the soft-spoken, but vitriolic “Burn the World” based around a quotation from the 12th-century Italian poet Cecco Angiolieri: If I were fire, I’d burn the world.  The lighthearted “Laugh It Off” offers some valuable advice along with a brilliant beat. Neil Innes of the Bonzo Dog Band wrote the danceable “You Done My Brain In.”

Grand Mal gets its name from a song by St. Johnny, Whitten’s band that Sonic Youth discovered and signed to Geffen Records in the early ’90s. Inspired by Lou Reed, the New York Dolls, the Ramones, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople and Bob Dylan (and more recently, Soft Machine, Henry Cow, Matching Mole, the Incredible String Band and the Bee Gees), Grand Mal remakes/remodels ’70s rock – from the glam to the gritty – and leads us toward a bright future

mp3 for posting – “Lower Your Heart” [download link]

Watch Grand Mal performing “Lower Yer Heart” this past Friday, May 14 @ Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. 

Press Materials | Myspace| Facebook | Clandestine Blog
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