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Kyle Andrews’ “You Always Make Me Smile” featured in Holiday Inn “Stay You” Campaign | Track Available Now Digitally

Kyle AndrewsNEW YORK (June 30, 2010) – “You Always Make Me Smile,” the cheerful indie-pop single by Nashville-based artist/songwriter/producer Kyle Andrews, is available now on iTunes and Amazon.  “You Always Make Me Smile” has been spreading joy across the country on the “Stay You” Holiday Inn commercial, which has led to a heap of excitement online inquiring how to get the track. 

Check out the commercial!

Remix mp3 for posting: “You Always Make Me Smile” REMIX

The inspiration for the danceable, mood-elevating “You Always Make Me Smile” came during a cold, rainy week in Nashville when Kyle and his roommate Neil challenged themselves to “write a song that was so happy, it would entice the sun to shine once again.” Four hours later, they finished writing and recording the song, and, sure enough, the sun was shining brightly.
With its upbeat melody, happy-go-lucky lyrics (I like your messy hair/I like the clothes you wear/I like the way you sing/and when you dance with me) and its ability to keep the sun shining, “You Always Make Me Smile” is sure to be the hit of the summer.
The art for the “You Always Make Me Smile” single is currently a blank white square with a smile.  Through the website YouAlwaysMakeMeSmile.com, fans can submit their own album art designs — the only rule is that they have to use the smile in some way.  Kyle will choose a winning design to become the permanent artwork for the single.  The winner will also get tickets to a Kyle Andrews show and a signed copy of the first pressing of his upcoming EP, KANGAROO, which will feature the original and remix versions of “You Always Make Me Smile”.  To enter the contest, visit: http://youalwaysmakemesmile.com/

Kyle, who one reviewer called “a bedroom-rock Brian Wilson of depth and persistent character,” plans to tour in the fall. Kyle has opened for The Submarines, Josh Rouse and Peter Bjorn and John, and has toured as part of Ten out of Tenn, a collective of Tennessee non-country musicians. His high-energy shows have been known to turn into dance parties. Kyle Andrews’ six-song EP, KANGAROO, will be released this fall and his third full-length album, Robot Learn Love, is due out early next year.  
Visit Kyle Andrews online at:


  1. david kramp
    July 20, 2010 at 3:40 am

    can i have the chord s to this song? im a beginning/ amateur guitarist and ilove this track!! its so happy. i sing it all the time
    David Kramp

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