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Grand Mal’s Clandestine Songs Out Today! | Full Album Streams on AOL Spinner and CBS’ The StreetDate.com

(New York, NY) – Grand Mal’s newest full-length Clandestine Songs is out today via Sweden’s Groover Recordings. The digital release is being featured on AOL Spinner  and CBS’ TheStreetDate.com all week as a full-album stream. The first single from Clandestine Songs, “Lower Yer Heart” can also be found on the New Music Tuesday Playlist at Myspace Music
Clandestine Songsoffers 13 addictive tracks, each one more compelling than the next, raising rock’s intelligence level with sharp lyrics, catchy riffs and swooning background vocals. Led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Bill Whitten, the band recorded Clandestine Songs in Whitten’s Brooklyn apartment on an “ancient” hard-disc recorder and the end result was mastered by Grammy award-winner Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, MGMT).
The album also features guest appearances by Parker Kindred of Antony and the Johnsons; Brad Truax of Home; Justin Russo of The Silent League; Jason Russo of Hopewell; Mike Fadem of The Jealous Girlfriends; and Ken Griffin of Favourite Sons and Rollerskate Skinny.
Clandestine Songs is available now on iTunes and Amazon.
Grand Mal live at Union Hall, performing “Lower Yer Heart” | on YouTube

Grand Mal in Bill Whitten’s kitchen, performing “Lower Yer Heart” | on YouTube

Named after a form of a seizure, Bill Whitten’s aural experiment Grand Mal has almost the same heart-wrenching effect.”Magnet Magazine
“…This is the first of Whitten’s post-St Johnny output that I’ve heard.  After the very first run through Clandestine Songs I began to regret that I hadn’t heard more. The album sounds like a natural extension of St Johnny.  It’s more mature, more thoughtful, more expertly crafted, and recorded with more experience.”Snob’s Music

“Named after a form of seizure (oh, bands these days!), Bill Whitten’s Grand Mal does indeed inspire a kind of frothy ecstasy via its music-a roiling blend of Velvets scuzz and Teenage Fanclub’s harmonic sweetness. The band has been going since ’95, but reaches new levels of giddiness on this song, ” Lower Yer Heart,” taken from its sixth album, Clandestine Songs (due July 20th). Listen once, become totally addicted. You have been warned.”
– Time Out New York

“The songs here display Whitten’s full range as a songwriter. He struts, he threatens, he rages, he entreats and pleads, all the while flashing his trademark dour half-smile. Though he’s got access to an army of ace guitarists, this recording relies heavily on vintage organs, keyboards and electric and acoustic pianos, keeping the songs somehow tender and raunchy at once.” New York Press

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