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EVERYDAY TRAGEDY: Myspace Premieres “Synthetic Hearts” Video

Eyes Set To Kill - Band Photo

Everyday Tragedy, the Orange County, California-based alt-rock band currently have their brand new video for “Synthetic Hearts” being premiered on Myspace.  Watch the video here.  Everyday Tragedy digitally released their second album, Blackhole Carousel, featuring songs about “love, life and the misfortunes of each,” on today through Antihero Records.  Purchase the album on Amazon or iTunes now.

Mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman in L.A., Blackhole Carousel highlights the band’s strong hooks, catchy melodies and sing-along choruses with tracks including “Stand Up, Wake Up,” “Blackhole Carousel,” “Burn” and “Remember.”  Since their debut album, Lovesick, Heartbroken or Somewhere in Between, Everyday Tragedy has evolved into a more mature sound. “We want to try something new this time,” says lead singer Greg Tragedy.  “We hear the latest trends, and we just don’t want to conform to that sound.” In “Medicine,” they set the tone for an upbeat future: so break out, the world is at our fingertips.  And “Remember” invites everyone to join in: I know the possibilities/so if you’re all my friends, come sing along.

Download a FREE MP3 of the track “Burn” off Blackhole Carousel here.

The band’s relentless touring includes explosive live shows complete with guitar spins and on-stage acrobatics. They performed at the 2008 Vans Warped tour, at first building stages and selling Lovesick, Heartbroken or Somewhere in Between CDs and eventually earning a spot on the 2008 roster.  “With our backgrounds in heavy music, we got tired of watching our scenes degrade into what they are today and decided to go into a territory completely fresh and new to us,” says Poladian.  “We want to be out with the fans, showing them that music is all fun and that going to see a good show isn’t a thing of the past.”
Everyday Tragedy will be playing at The Farm in Las Vegas, NV tomorrow (8/6).  A national fall tour will be announced shortly.

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