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audio ‘stache: “I Made A Difference”

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Cormega’s “I Made A Difference,” featuring Redman, General Steele, Stic Man, Lil Fame,  The Revelations, Maya Azucena, and Jazimoto will be distributed digitally by RED Distribution, in conjunction with Whatevaok Entertainment, to online retailers with proceeds benefiting J/P Haiti Relief Organization (JPHRO – www.jphro.org).  The J/P Haitian Relief Organization is a registered non-profit charitable foundation established by actor, Sean Penn, to help the people of Haiti recover from the earthquake on January 12, 2010.

Inspired by Cormega’s visit to Haiti just 5 months after an earthquake, the heartfelt song is a tribute to Haitian resilience in such a dark time.  “I decided to donate the proceeds from digital sales of ‘I Made A Difference,’ directly to Sean Penn‘s earthquake relief efforts because when I was in Haiti, I heard directly from the people and saw for myself the work that his organization was doing.  I gained a lot of respect for Sean Penn while I was in Haiti. Here you have an A-list actor who was out there wading through water, putting up tents helping the people. The media attention has shifted, yet the suffering still continues. His organization still continues to service those displaced by the earthquake, living in refugee camps. This song is dedicated to him and all the unsung heroes who continue to make a difference even when it seems like the world has moved on.”

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