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audio ‘stache: The Fairchilds Release Debut Album 10/11

French band, The Fairchilds will release their debut album Our Revolution via Vertusent Records on 10/11.  With the release of this album, lead singer/songwriter Cyril Niccolai will see his dreams realized, having detoured from a career in medicine to become an international recording artist.

Our Revolution features twelve compelling tracks that range from sing-along rock anthems to haunting ballads. Niccolai combines bold, winning melodies with a broad perspective of the world and an unerring sense of uplift.  Justice, hope and promise are recurring themes on this album which was produced by Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, Foo Fighters).

First single “Unbreakable” is a poignant commentary on the pursuit of one’s dreams against the odds.


Cyril Niccolai is a modern-day Renaissance man. An accomplished singer and songwriter, he has spent a decade honing his skills and becoming an artist ready for the world stage. Niccolai was raised in Nice, France, and contrary to the vision of his parents, his chosen path has become a case study displaying how perseverance and talent can make dreams come true. The Fairchilds‘ moniker is a tribute to a vintage Fairchild amp that was used in tracking the debut recording.

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