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random ‘stache: staff year-end list :: Sarah Landy

2011 was an awesome year for music! Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue our ‘stache Staff Picks for the year and introduce you to our unique team! We asked our staff which ‘stache albums have them in a tizzy this year,  we found out so much more that we just had to go public.

Meet Sarah, the eclectic leading lady of ‘stache.

What are your top ‘stachetastic albums of 2011? ::This being 2011, I am doing my top 11 ‘stachetastic records…

1. Other Lives // Tamer Animals
2. The Rapture // In The Grace of Your Love
3. My Morning Jacket // Circuital
4. Preservation Hall Jazz Band & The Del McCoury Band // American Legacies
5. Little Shalimar // The New Pneumonia Blues
6. Dawes // Nothing Is Wrong
7. 1,2,3 // New Heaven
8. Saul Williams // Volcanic Sunlight
9. Neon Indian // Era Extraña
10. Femi Kuti // Africa for Africa
11. Cameras // In Your Room
*Bonus  EP: Jenny O. // Home

Where are you from? ::St Lou! (home of the Cardinals, the Blues <music; hockey> & St. Louis style pizza – yes, we have our own style of pizza.)

Where do you currently reside? ::Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens)

Your favorite record store?  ::(how about 3?) Vintage Vinyl (St. Louis), Other Music (NYC), Disco Sette (São Paulo)

Your favorite radio station? ::(how about 3?) Radio Nova, KCRW, Virgin Mobile Live

The first record you bought? :: R.E.M. Out of Time

One thing you cannot do without? ::travel (and good soundtracks/ playlists along the way)

Deserted island record? ::Lucas Santtana Sem Nostalgia

iphone or bb or droid? ::iPhone > was late to the party in December 2011; my life then changed

favorite pasttime or hobby? ::going to the beach <> learning Italian

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