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buzz ‘stache: RODRIGO Y GABRIELA channel ‘Mulder y Scully’

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s new album Area 52 available Jan. 24 via ATO Records

Rod and Gab are back but this time with a full Cuban Orchestra named C.U.B.A. The Mexican acoustic duo said “The album is called Area 52 because we felt like Mulder and Scully approaching this—it was just a crazy idea, to see if a big Cuban band could play our music, a step in the dark. We knew it was out there, everyone has heard of Area 51, but we wanted to take it a little further.” (via Paste).  Here’s a preview of the album here:

This spring, Rodrigo y Gabriela will be bringing the band C.U.B.A. on the road in order to showcase the dynamic hybrid of metal, Latin and jazz featured on the album in a live setting. It will mark the first time in their careers the duo has toured and performed with a backing band.

Check out their tour announcement here:

Additionally, Rodrigo y Gabriela will perform on the upcoming 38th season of PBS’ Austin City Limits.

Phew, that was a ‘stacheful! Now you know what to do:

Website | Tour | Facebook | Twitter

Area 52 iTunes | Amazon

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