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audio ‘stache: Will You Be MANIKA’s Valentine?

MANIKA is giving away a FREE song in celebration of Valentine’s Day  

As a special Valentine’s Day treat, Manika is giving away a free download of her new heartfelt song ‘Valentine.’

Watch a special message from Manika below and get the free download for Valentine  here.

“I love my song ‘Valentine’ because it’s the perfect way to ask that special person to be your Valentine,” explains Manika. “Rather than getting the normal chocolates, roses, cards or teddy bears, send the song! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Valentine chocolates and roses. But it’s nice to be unique and change things up a bit.”


MANIKA, 18-year-old emerging pop artist released her debut single in 2011, “Just Can’t Let You Go” featuring Lil Twist with nationwide spins on Top 40 radio.

The pop-star vocalist is an active member in the fight against cyber-bullying as the newest face of the explosive NOH8 Campaign. Manika pledges, “45% of today’s youth have been cyber-bullied in the past year. I truly believe that everyone is entitled to have their own unique voice. Everyone is different and that’s what makes us beautiful. We should respect people’s differences, not bully them for it. I pledge to do everything I possibly can with NOH8 as a musical artist – and as a human being – to end cyber bullying.” Read more about the NOH8 Campaign here.

Last summer, Manika completed a Shop Til You Rock tour, a music-inspired mall tour that empowers teens to look and feel like rock stars. The tour hit 38 mall locations and was sponsored by Pepsi and Gamestop. Additionally, Clear Channel’s iheartradio selected Manika as an “Artist To Watch” for their NEW! Discover and Uncover program, and Manika was featured on a recent All Access Journeys airing hourly in all of their retail stores nationwide.

Manika was discovered by the late-great Frank DiLeo (Michael Jackson‘s long-time manager), and revered music coach CeCe Sammy of UK’s Pop Idol. Manika (pronounced Ma-NEE-ka), whose mixed heritage includes Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Spanish, is currently in the studio collaborating with A-list songwriters/producers for her full-length debut, including Tearce and Francci, and such heavy hitters as Qura Rankin and Evan Bogart (Beyonce, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Natasha Bedingfield, Jennifer Lopez).
Manika’s photo above is interactive! You can embed it anywhere using the below code:

Just Can’t Let You Go (single – feat Lil Twist) 

Get it on iTunes | Amazon 

Official SiteYouTube | Myspace | Twitter  | Facebook 

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