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live ‘stache: FRANCE ROCKS AUSTIN AT SXSW 2012

The French Bureau Export Kicks Off SXSW on March 14th! Partners with The Agency Group and La Blogotheque to Create Exclusive Content

French Bands @ SXSW Include:

We Were Evergreen * ME * Zenzile * Gush * Mars Red Sky * Anoraak * Housse de Racket * College * Yelle * The Octopus Project * The Two * Doldrums * Hindi Zahra Rodriguez Yan Wagner * Jef Barbara * Beataucue * Toguna * Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! * Magnetix * Andrea Balency * Marianne Dissard * Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team * Sam Tiba Myd * Chicha Libre * Hollie Cook * Baloji * Fred Falke

Wednesday, March 14th  | 12 pm – 6 pm | Brush Square
409 E. 5th St. (facing Convention Center)
12pm * We Were Evergreen
1pm * ME
2pm * Zenzile
3pm * Gush
4pm * Mars Red Sky
5pm * Anoraak
Wednesday, March 14th | 8 pm – 2 am | Mohawk
912 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701

8:30pm * Anoraak
9:30pm * Housse De Racket
10:30pm * College
11:30pm * Yelle DJ
12:30am * Octopus Project
8pm * Gush
9pm * The Two
10pm * Doldrums
11pm * Hindi Zahra
12am * Rodriguez
1am * Yan Wagner

The French Bureau Export returns to Austin for the third year, celebrating France’s well known and up-and-coming artists at SXSW 2012. The French Bureau Export will be kicking off the first music day of SXSW this year with two parties on Wednesday March 14thThe Bureau Export /Angers Loire-Valley Party will usher in the day’s events 12-6pm at Brush Square and The Bureau Export & Agency Group Party will keep the entertainment going throughout the night 8pm-2am at The Mohawk. The French Bureau Export has also partnered with La Blogotheque, the French music and video site that has pioneered the “Takeaway Shows” technique. La Blogtheque will be on-site filming both French Bureau Export parties.

In addition to the two official showcases, The French Bureauexport lends its support to many other French artists performing at this year’s SXSW. A full list of French artists at SXSW 2012 is here, and check out the France Rocks Austin 2012 sampler below.


Check out some of the artists of France Rocks SXSW 2012:



College, David Grellier, is a French electronic composer born in 1979 in Nantes. At the end of the 90s, he purchased his first computer and produced numerous demos influenced by Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, and labels such as Soma Records, Peacefrog, and Warp. In April 2007, he created the Valerie project and was soon joined by Anoraak, The Outrunners, Maethelvin, and Russ Chimes. His first EP “Teenage Color” was released that same year and allowed him to meet the German illustrators The Zonders. They collaborated soon after for all the flyers, records, and projects related to the Valerie Parties. An identity and a musical movement evoking 80s nostalgia arose and the international press started to notice. In 2009, his first album entitled “Secret Diary” was released and College toured throughout Europe, United States, and Australia. Most recently he collaborated closely with the Electric Youth, who participated in the “A Real Hero” EP, which was selected as the theme for Nicolas Winding Refn’s film DRIVE.


French dance-pop purveyors Yelle returned in 2011 with “Safari Disco Club,” a surprising new album that goes beyond the sweet-and-tart cocktail of their 2007 debut “Pop-Up.” The world first met Yelle through “Je Veux Te Voir,” an explicit but fun-loving girl-on-boy diss track with an edgy electro beat that made everyone within earshot hit the dance floor. Despite being sung entirely in French, the hit single rocketed the band to international stardom and gained them a dedicated fan base of downtown artists, fashionistas, and nouveau club kids. Yelle is named after and fronted by Yelle, née Julie Budet, a sparkplug of a singer with a deceptively demure schoolgirl voice. GrandMarnier (born Jean-François Perrier) and Tepr add the electro-beats, disco-inspired loops, and inescapable hooks to her lyrics. The band used some of the time between albums to collaborate with other artists they admired: they swapped covers with Robyn, remixed Katy Perry, and worked with dance production duo Crookers on the track “Couleur Cooler,” which rocked dance floors in nightclubs on both sides of the Atlantic.


In late 2001, the reputation of The Octopus Project as the band that “hooked up their half-broken electronic shit all wrong” first attracted the attention of Peek-A-Boo Records. In the years since, the band has developed into a powerful and prolific group. After releasing 2007’s Hello, Avalanche and netting praise from Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, Wired, Spin, Pitchfork and a zillion blogs, The Octopus Project settled into a relentless touring schedule. In 2010, the band released their most ambitious album to date, Hexadecagon. It’s not so much eight distinct songs as one epic suite with mood swings. In 2011, after touring with the likes of DEVO and Explosions in the Sky, the band took some time off to compose music for two soundtracks.  The first for a feature film entitled, Kid-Thing, which is premiering at the 2012 Sundance film festival.  The second, for a futuristic, 70’s, sci-fi video game called Thunderbeam — to be released this year.  The band has also been hard at work on writing music for their 5th full-length, which will come out on Peek-A-Boo Records later this year.  Excitement abounds!.


Pierre Leroux and Victor Le Masne, aka Parisian duo Housse de Racket, has joined the ranks of label extraordinaire Kitsuné to release its superb second album, “Alesia”. Pierre and Victor both grew up in the suburb of Chaville, situated between Versailles and Paris. Starting out as session musicians with Air and Phoenix and as touring band members for Chilly Gonzales, Alex Gopher, and Benjamin Diamond, the boys simultaneously made their first steps as Housse de Racket. After releasing a successful first record, touring extensively, and developing a catchy live set, Housse De Racket worked with superstar producer Philippe Zdar for “Alesia”: the result is futuristic pop songs with a wide range of influences from Morricone to Carpenter, from Sparks to Bowie, walking in the steps of their elders Air and Phoenix.


Seven years ago, Ara Starck met David Jarre in Paris. She was a painter, he was a magician. Their meeting produced magic of another kind, crystallized today in The Two, a duo that weaves together its members’ atypical career paths, and melds their singularities in a shared intimacy. The Two’s music feels like an invitation to dream in their own secret garden. On their debut album, Ara and David are seemingly rediscovering the magic of uncluttered melody, primary sound colors and simple words, all underlined with strength and elegance by their vocal harmony. As though improvised, The Two’s music speaks with a rare natural voice.
Website  | MySpace | Video “I Wanna Be With You Again”

Click here for the full release and check out France Rocks for news!

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