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schwag ‘stache: THE DIGITOUR 2012 Compilation Available Now

DigiTour Sponsor Posse Audio Launches Video Contest, Grand Prize Winner Gets Recording Time in Los Angeles & Bonus Track On Compilation.

Indie label Flying P Records, in conjunction with Digitour Media LLC, is releasing the DigiTour 2012 compilation through all major digital online retailers Tuesday, March 13th.

This collection accompanies the second annual DigiTour-a large-scale music tour featuring some of the biggest self-made YouTube stars. This year’s stellar lineup includes the Internet’s most popular musicians and personalities who have a combined two billion views and 10 million subscribed fans. Fans will also be able to purchase the DigiTour 2012 compilation via download card at each stop on the tour or online at:  http://www.flyingprecords.com/digitour.

The tour began on March 7th in Los Angeles and hits 18 additional cities before ending on April 4th.

Tour sponsor Posse Audio-makers of the Posse Audio Personal Monitor System-has created an exciting video contest in which a Grand Prize winner will selected and flown to Los Angeles for a weekend recording session at Flying Pig Studios. That song will then be added as a bonus track to the DigiTour 2012 compilation! The winner will also receive a Posse system as will the top (10) ten finalists!

Check out the video Ricky Ficarelli of the band Wellington (one of the acts that appears on the DigiTour compilation) made to explain the contest.

To enter, create a 1-2 minute video about Posse Audio-it can be an original song, a commercial, whatever you like! Posse Audio’s system is great for practicing at home, allowing you to monitor yourself and play-using recorded music or any outside musical source-without disturbing others in the house or neighborhood! Entries must be submitted by April 15th. Reply to this link to submit your video entry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI8NEWJGFl8 and check out the contest rules here.

DigiTour 2012: Website | Twitter | YouTube

Listen to songs from the album Share this E-Card with your friends, they will thank you:DigiTour 2012 Compilation
DigiTour 2012 Track List:
1. Wellington: “One More Time”
2. Nick Pitera: “Don’t Stop Believing”
3. Dave Days: “First Kiss”
4. Asher Monroe: “Hello Baby”
5. The Key of Awesome: “Electronic Wuss”
6. Jessica Frech: “Reality”
7. Booboo and Fivel: “Heart On Fire”
8. DeStorm: “Love Lines”
9. Alex Goot: “Pretty Eyes”
10. Allen Cruz: “World Tour”
11. Amasic: “Breaking Apart”
12. Tiffany Jo Allen: “Over You”
13. DigiTour All-Stars: “We Got Your Back”

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