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live ‘stache: ODD FUTURE in NYC

Our very own ‘stache intern extraordinaire Sasha Camacho made her way into the Odd Future show recently, here’s her recap and some awesome undercover footage of the live show!

Odd Future

New York City – 3/20/2012

To say people were completely and utterly excited for the return of Earl Sweatshirt would be the biggest understatement. As I made my way towards Hammerstein ballroom I saw boys, and tons of them- it was obvious who was attending.  As they glided along on their skateboards, taking advantage of the all-ages show, I slowly made my way through what felt like an endless line.

Although the venue was filled majority of young males the overall feel was chill… laid back and yet filled with so much excitement, similar to an old school hip hop concert.  After a teaser of OF’s upcoming show “Loiter Squad” Syd the Kyd kicked it off by playing songs like “Make it Rain” and “N***as in Paris”. She had the crowd going absolutely mad. We all rapped along to songs like “64”, “Troncat”, and “Rella” and not a lyric was missed.  After being crushed, fed up with my terrible camera skills, and realizing that I no longer have the stamina of a sixteen year old, I headed towards the back to enjoy the show from afar.

After the boys all had their moments on stage the crowd began to relentlessly chant “Earl”…and that’s when it finally happened. The saying “the crowd goes wild” was never more true than the moment he stepped on stage, but in true Odd Future fashion, it was wilder than wild. At the young age of 18 and after the whole Samoa dilemma he was now in our very presence- adorable, young and finally free to do what he’s known to do best – “murder” his songs. He started with a hit titled “Earl”, (over 10 million views on YouTube), followed by “Orange Juice”. The OF boys going crazy together strictly brought ear to ear smiles, and just when you think your smile couldn’t get any bigger Domo Genesis shouts, “No more Free Earl…that campaign is over!” After Earl got comfortable on stage Tyler performed infamous songs like “Goblin” and “French!”.

They finally ended the show with newly released song “Oldie” off their album “The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2”. The response to these boys and Syd was so moving, and although I’m pretty sure they would look at me like I was crazy for saying something that mushy, I’m sticking to it. They have crazy, fun loving, young personalities that will forever make us want to rage, and rage hard!

Sasha Camacho

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Odd Future ‘stached

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