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live ‘stache: World Premiere Theatrical Performance Features THE TOMAS DONCKER BAND

Album Inspired By The Stage Show Includes Mahmoud Amed, Bill Laswell, Sidney Mills of Steel Pulse and More!

Tomas Doncker Photo

Tomás Doncker, the Brooklyn-based musician who is known for his fusion of world beats and American R&B into “global soul,” will have his album The Power of the Trinity transformed, for the first time, into a full blown theatrical performance at this year’s SummerStage.  A recent, well-received performance at Milwaukee’s Summerstage will be followed by performances at Springfield Park in Queens on July 27-28; in Central Park on July 31; and in Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem on August 3-5.  See the performance schedule below.
The Power of the Trinity tells the story of Ethiopian King Haile Selassie (whose name in the ancient Ge’ez language literally means “power of the trinity”), one of the first globally conscious African leaders of the 20th century.  It’s based on a play of the same name, written by the late New York playwright Roland Wolf. Award-winning director Alfred Preisser has developed an aggressive modernist interpretation for this production, which will feature live dance, edited dialogue, and full staging that conveys the strength of Selassie and the people of Ethiopia.

Tomas Doncker Band/Power of the Trinity Concert Schedule:

Springfield Gardens | Queens, NY  | July 27th & 28th

Rumsey Playfield | Central Park: New York, NY | July 31st

Marcus Garvey Park | Harlem: New York, NY | August 3rd, 4th and 5th

(all performances begin at 8 PM)

Check out the track “Abet Gurage” (featuring legendary Ethiopian singer Mahmoud Ahmed) | free download

Check out an EPK for The Power Of The Trinity and feel free to post!: EPK  

Video Of The Tomas Doncker Band At Milwaukee Summerfest  

Power Of The Trinity CoverPurchase The Power of the TrinityiTunes | Amazon

Tomas Doncker OnlineOfficial Website | Facebook |Twitter
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