‘stache lifestyle reps: A Recap of 2012

This year ‘stache media had nearly 175 ‘stache lifestyle reps (SLRs) in 65 markets. The college reps created awareness for various ‘stache media artists and projects, including platinum selling records like Mumford & Son’s “Babel” and Jason Aldean’s “Night Train” to rising stars like Kate Earl’s “Stronger” and Tarvoria’s “Street Couture”. Other projects SLRs worked were soundtracks to Halo 4 and Man With The Iron Fist and campaigns for Sony X Headphones and FYE’s Rock The Holidays.



  • “My favorite part about promoting Say Anything was the fan response. The employees at the record shop I hit up, students on campus, even some of my fellow DJs, they were all excited about the new album “Anarchy, My Dear”. I would proudly tell them about the album, the phenomenal goodies included in the deluxe version, and the conference call we had with Max Bemis. I also succeeded in was building enthusiasm for a number of fans about Say Anything’s upcoming concert in Houston.” – Claudia, Houston, TX
  • The Easy Star All-Stars were a very great band to promote for because of their ability to transcend musical genres.  Most of the lifestyle accounts I spoke to were eager to learn more about the band and their ability to put a reggae spin on classic albums.  Some of the students that I spoke to were not familiar with the band until I mentioned the Dub Side of the Moon album, which a lot of people knew. ” – Matt, Athens, GA
  • “I am so glad that we got to work with Freelance Whales this semester!  I hadn’t heard of them before this project, but in the last two weeks they have become one of my favorite bands.  I had their previous album “Weathervanes” playing practically nonstop until “Diluvia” came out, and now I’m obsessed with them both!  Most people I talked to hadn’t heard of them either, and it was really fun to show them my favorite songs and get them engaged and excited about the band, the new album, and their upcoming show in Portland” – Julia, Portland, OR
  • “To say I was ecstatic to promote Mumford & Sons and their new album, Babel, is an understatement. Several of my friends were already huge fans of the band, and after hearing me talk about Babel, they were anticipating the album as much as I was. I received some really incredible reactions from friends and lifestyle accounts. This album was so greatly anticipated and it surely exceeded my expectations.” – Marissa Curran, Orlando, FL
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