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‘stache lifestyle reps: Vacationer Tour

This month, the ‘stache lifestyle reps are attending and promoting Vacationer’s tour dates! Reps have been successful in creating awareness in their marketplace through offline and online grassroots marketing campaigns.

Reps reported that many concert goers were hearing Vacationer for the first time and, as a result of their energetic set, are now big fans. A handful of attendees listened to The Starting Line, which was fronted by Vacationer’s lead singer, Kenny Vasoli. The beachy, summery tunes of Vacationer won over fans from Kenny’s previous band.


  • “The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the show. Vacationer has a great stage presence and I personally think they gained a lot of new fans in Chicago from this concert. I went back around after the band performed to revisit some of those that hadn’t initially heard of the band, and all of them expressed how much they enjoyed the performance.” – Gabrielle, Chicago, IL
  • “I have been a huge Kenny Vasoli fan, listening to everything of his from The Starting Line to Person L and I was EXTREMELY excited to attend Vacationer. Many of the fans in the crowd were current fans of Vacationer, so it took around two songs for the dancing to begin. Once one group of people began dancing it was like a domino effect and by the fourth song everyone in the crowd was dancing, swaying, and overall just enjoying the set.” – Arielle, Philadelphia, PA
  • “Most of the people had come to see the headliner, but when I asked around after Vacationer finished, everyone was excited about their music. One of the ladies that I spoke with described their music as summer-y. People also really enjoyed the postcards. I actually got to meet a member of the band and he was very welcoming, and appreciative of the promotion.” – Lauren, Minneapolis, MN
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