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‘stache lifestyle reps: Lindi Ortega

The country team of ‘stache lifestyle reps recently completed a lifestyle and tour campaign for Lindi Ortega. The reps built awareness for the country singer’s sophomore album “Cigarettes & Truckstops” on campus and at lifestyle accounts, such as vintage clothing stores and trendy cafes, to reach potential fans. The reps were also successful in spreading Lindi Ortega’s latest single “The Day You Die” on their social media properties. Overall, the reps did an excellent job of creating visibility for the album in their marketplace.

lindi ortega

  • “My friends are obsessed with the TV show “Nashville” so I knew Lindi Ortega must be amazing to have been on the show. My roommates have a record player so we listened to her on vinyl. We all fell in love with her rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. To promote Lindi Ortega I utilized several campus locations and interested venders of the infamous 4th Avenue. I noticed several people recognized her from Nashville, which instantly sparked their interest.” – Jamie, Tucson, AZ
  • “I absolutely loved Lindi Ortega’s music. The people I personally showed the music to liked it as well and were really surprised she was from Canada – not the Deep South. I focused my Lifestyle Accounts in NoDa, the Charlotte arts district where she was playing a show. Because she was playing in the area, the accounts were very receptive to the poster. Overall, Lindi had a positive reception in the market.” – Rebekah, Charlotte, NC
  • “When I heard that Lindi Ortega was on “Nashville”, I knew instantly that I would love her music because I love all of the music on that show. Needless to say, I have already turned all my roommates onto LIndi Ortega, as well as all my female coworkers and even a few males!” – Kae Ashleigh , Athens, GA
  • “Before I was assigned to this project, I had seen the show “Nashville” and unknowingly heard Lindi Ortega’s music.  After finding this out, I looked up more of her music and have grown to love her unique style and amazing voice.  Across the board, everyone I showed her music video to loved her voice and her personality.  Including vinyl records in this project seemed to draw attention and add character to her name.” – Elizabeth, Norman, OK
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