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New Onkyo Mini System Brings Hi-Fi Sound To iPhone 5

Adding connectivity for iPhone® 5 to a diverse selection of media input options, the new CS-255 CD Hi-Fi Mini System from Onkyo targets listeners seeking an authentic stereo experience.

This compact and stylish CD receiver includes certified charging connections for new and legacy iPhone/iPod models, as well as audio playback from compatible smartphones/tablets via USB, and an FM/AM radio with a total of 60 memory presets.

CS255With interest in hi-fi audio surging around the world, the CS-255 is ideally placed to offer a more satisfying stereo experience than similarly priced all-in-one designs can offer, while ensuring faster access to a wide selection of media.

The receiver features an efficient digital amplifier that drives a pair of robust two-way speakers. The cabinets include a large cone driver, balanced-dome tweeter, and non-parallel construction with rolled edges to prevent internal standing waves. Even at higher volumes, these compact speakers maintain excellent composure, with an airy, pleasant mid-range and punchy bass response-perfect for listeners with eclectic musical tastes.

Connectivity begins with a Lightning charging dock for iPhone 5, iPod touch® (5G), and iPod nano® (7G) in the receiver’s top panel, which enables simple navigation to albums and playlists using the system remote controller. Owners of legacy iPhone/iPod devices can connect, charge and play online and offline content via the front-panel USB port.

Playback of MP3 files from other compatible smartphones, tablets, and flash memory drives is also enabled via USB. A 3.5 mm stereo analog input is included to connect devices that don’t feature the appropriate USB connection.

Whether enjoying music through the system via iPhone audio app, or playing local MP3/AAC files, track selection is simplified by the playlist jump function and album/track repeat buttons on the remote controller. A selectable two-mode Super Bass function, meanwhile, helps get a firmer grip on kick drums and bass guitar without the muffled boominess sometimes associated with affordable mini systems.

Radio listeners are catered to with an FM/AM tuner with 30 memory presets for each band (60 in total). These allow users to program in their favorite stations, making channel selection quick and easy. A sturdy front-loading CD player rounds the package.

As with all Onkyo products, fit and finish is exemplary, with audio-grade components used throughout and a clean, uncluttered exterior style in classic hi-fi black.

From its Pure Audio reference-level components through to the more affordable entry-level offerings on release, Onkyo‘s goal is to turn casual listening into a high-fidelity experience, while making it easier to locate, load, and listen to a wide selection of audio entertainment from the latest mobile devices.

The Onkyo CS-255 will be available this August at a suggested retail price of $299.  

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For more information, please contact:

Mike Heyliger 

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