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Onkyo’s Free HF Player App Offers Precision Equalizer, 192/24 Playback on iOS Devices

October 24, 2013 1 comment

In a move that could revolutionize how iOS users enjoy music on headphones and other compatible hi-fi systems, Onkyo-the world leader in home theater, hi-fi, and personal audio components-has announced an innovative HF Player app that enables playback of high-resolution audio files while granting users unprecedented control over how their music sounds.

The free, full-featured audio player app features an intuitive interface that includes album artwork display, playback controls, and an organizational structure that will be familiar to any iOS user. Once the app has been pointed to the device’s music library via a synch with an iTunes-equipped computer (an auto synch function is included), the user can start exploring the benefits of the phase-linear FIR equalizer, which offers 16,384 discrete bands of equalization with zero loss in audio quality. The user simply shapes their desired frequency curve with a finger on the touchscreen to manipulate bass, mid-bass, mid-range, and treble response. Presets may be created to suit a particular musical genre, artist, album, or pair of headphones and can be saved, swapped, and loaded in moments.

Onkyo HF Player

Onkyo also enlisted a team of respected musicians to personally design EQ presets optimized specifically for Onkyo in-ear and on-ear headphones. The team comprises Chris Traynor (Helmet, Bush), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Jim Ward (Sparta, At the Drive-in), Leo Nocentelli (The Meters), Tim Lopez (Plain White T’s) and Steven McMorran (Satellite), along with groups Midi Matilda, Buckcherry, and Strange Talk. The Presets from these artists are included in the app.

“Onkyo headphones have an incredible sound for both the studio and for leisure,” says Stephen Docker, Lead Singer of Strange Talk. “We’re also finding out more ways of customizing the sound to fit the different genres we’re listening to using the Onkyo EQ app. You should definitely check it out.”

Strange Talk Onkyo

Additional functionality includes an automatic upsampling function (from 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz) and selectable track crossfading.

Onkyo hopes the friendly interface and audio flexibility will turn casual listeners, who may have only just begun to rediscover their favorite music with a pair of quality headphones, into budding hi-fi enthusiasts. As their confidence grows, so too does HF Player. Users seeking the ultimate in high-resolution audio performance can make an in-app HF Player Pack purchase (US$9.99) to enable FLAC, DSD, WAV, and AIFF playback of up to 192 kHz with 24-bit sampling (these files are loaded via a simple drag-and-drop operation on an iTunes-equipped PC prior to synchronization). This in-app purchase also enables selectable upsampling from 44.1 kHz to a possible 192 kHz, and an HD phase-linear equalizer with an incredible 20,000 bands of adjustment in 64-bit mode.

As well as the flexibility and control offered by the precision FIR equalizer, HF Player introduces SACD (Super Audio CD) and better-than-CD audio quality into the portable domain. Paired with a set of quality headphones, such as Onkyo‘s award-winning ES-HF300 on-ear or IE-HF300 in-ear models, HF Player lets audiophiles enjoy premier high-resolution sound while they’re on the road.

The release of the HF Player app demonstrates Onkyo‘s ongoing commitment to portable hi-fi. Complementing the company’s growing range of premium on-ear and in-ear headphones-which have gathered significant momentum both critically and commercially since their release-this new app will allow listeners to discover how truly great their personal audio setup can sound.

* Note: DSD-IFF and DSF formats are converted to PCM before playback. Playback of high-resolution files places high demands on CPU and battery resources. For optimal playback results, Onkyo recommends closing other applications and placing your device on Airplane Mode.

About Onkyo:  

Since 1946, Onkyo has been passionately committed to developing audio products that deliver uncommon performance, quality and value. Bundling proprietary technologies and innovations with other sound-enhancing exclusives, Onkyo continues to create award winning products that are lauded by many of the industry leading audio publications. The company’s philosophy is to deliver products that are superbly designed and built to a consistently outstanding standard of excellence. The results can be seen in the obviously high quality of any Onkyo-manufactured product, even before it is turned on.

Onkyo is a trailblazing force in the home entertainment industry, anticipating market trends with intelligent, user-focused products. This new release joins a stable of acclaimed audio and A/V components, and will introduce more music lovers to the iconic Onkyo sound

Maximize Your Widescreen Experience With Affordable TV Audio Solutions From Onkyo

August 30, 2013 1 comment
Onkyo aims to bring cinematic sound to listening rooms where space or budget preclude use of a multi-speaker surround-sound setup by introducing two additions to its Envision Cinema line with a new soundbar system and an innovative all-in-one TV-base speaker system.ImageThe LS-B50 (soundbar with wireless subwoofer) and LS-T10 combine a multi-channel, multi-speaker array with powerful DSP technology to fill rooms with panoramic sound. As well as boosting audio from TV, gaming consoles and media players, these audio systems are among the easiest to use of any on the market requiring only a single digital cable to connect. Operating these units is simplified by using a regular TV remote control since both the LS-B50 and LS-T10 are preprogrammed with IR codes for nine major TV brands and learning ability for others. This feature is also available on the Onkyo‘s initial Envision Cinema offering, the LS-3100.Adding even further value, these products double as a powerful home hi-fi systems with Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming via mobile and PC. USB ports are also included to play audio from flash-memory-enabled media players such as smartphones, tablets, and mass storage-class devices.

For expansive sound in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, the LS-B50 pack eight drivers (six full-range drivers and two ring-radiator tweeters) into very compact package. The LS-T10, meanwhile, features a total of six full-range drivers plus an powerful integrated subwoofer and is designed to slip neatly underneath the television base.


Both models feature an efficient six-channel digital amplifier with audio output controlled by AuraSphere DSP from Onkyo. Advanced algorithms manage equalization and sound pressure levels in real time to create a realistic 3D immersion field from regular PCM stereo or Dolby® Digital sources.

Unlike rival DSP technologies, AuraSphere expands the traditional sweet spot (the area directly in front of the TV where audio sounds best) to create an all-enveloping 3D sound field that places the listener in the center of the action wherever they are in the room.

Three sound modes optimize playback of different content, with News Mode cleaning up and projecting dialog more intelligibly, Movie Mode shaping for greater realism and impact, and Music Mode equalizing for a more balanced and engaging listen.

The LS-B50 adds a wireless active subwoofer for deep-reaching bass impact from almost anywhere in the room, while the LS-B40 includes a subwoofer pre-out. Wall-mounting kits and IR flashers enable flexible soundbar placement.

With the release of the LS-B50, and LS-T10, Onkyo reaffirms its position as the leading supplier of home entertainment solutions to suit every lifestyle and budget, from compact TV audio systems to audiophile-grade 9.2-channel home theater installations.

The LS-B50 and LS-T10 Envision Cinema products will both be available in September and have suggested retail prices of $699 and $499 (U.S.) respectively.

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Onkyo Stereo Receiver Mixes Vintage Charm With Class-Leading Amplification Technology

August 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Onkyo is now shipping the TX-8020 to reinvigorate its stereo receiver line, stripping back unnecessary extras and focusing on delivering the rich, full-spectrum analog sound for which the brand is celebrated.

The 50 watt per channel TX-8020 is a high quality audio component aimed at users that don’t require video switching or A/V processing capabilities, but instead seek a powerful, versatile, and affordable amplification solution for all their home entertainment sources.


To best equip it for this role, a total of five analog inputs accept audio from TV, BD/DVD players, CD players, and AirPlay-enabled devices such as Onkyo‘s DS-A5 RI Dock for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®. An FM/AM tuner with 40-preset memory is also included, while a moving-magnet phono stage caters to the vinyl record collector.

Two sets of banana plug-compatible speaker A/B terminals on the rear panel allow the receiver to drive a single pair of 4-16 Ohm floor-standing or bookshelf loudspeakers (A or B), or two pairs of 8-16 Ohm speakers (A+B) in a distributed multi-room setup. The TX-8020 also provides a subwoofer pre-out for those looking for an enhanced low end.

The TX-8020 recalls the glory days of hi-fi with its bulletproof all-metal construction and clean, functional front panel. And just like the vintage classics, this receiver includes bass, treble, and balance controls to enhance the tonal characteristics of different source material, and to correct for room acoustics or speaker frequency response curves. These carefully designed circuits have no discernable impact on sound quality.

At the heart of the TX-8020 Stereo Receiver is Onkyo‘s Wide Range Amp Technology, WRAT, which is based around a high-current, low-impedance drive to handle speaker impedance fluctuations and sudden signal gains. Low-negative-feedback amp circuit topology improves dynamic range while preserving the lifelike quality of the original recording. Left- and right-channel power devices are fully discrete-not integrated into a printed circuit board-and closed ground loops are used to cancel circuit noise.

This combination of high instantaneous power and low distortion adds up to distinctively accurate and musical sound quality for all kinds of audio content.

Onkyo prides itself in creating high-performance products for movie and music fans, with solutions to suit every listening space and budget. This new addition carries Onkyo‘s 65-year hi-fi legacy forward to a new generation of passionate audio enthusiasts.

The TX-8020 has a suggested U.S. retail price of $199.

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New Onkyo Mini System Brings Hi-Fi Sound To iPhone 5

June 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Adding connectivity for iPhone® 5 to a diverse selection of media input options, the new CS-255 CD Hi-Fi Mini System from Onkyo targets listeners seeking an authentic stereo experience.

This compact and stylish CD receiver includes certified charging connections for new and legacy iPhone/iPod models, as well as audio playback from compatible smartphones/tablets via USB, and an FM/AM radio with a total of 60 memory presets.

CS255With interest in hi-fi audio surging around the world, the CS-255 is ideally placed to offer a more satisfying stereo experience than similarly priced all-in-one designs can offer, while ensuring faster access to a wide selection of media.

The receiver features an efficient digital amplifier that drives a pair of robust two-way speakers. The cabinets include a large cone driver, balanced-dome tweeter, and non-parallel construction with rolled edges to prevent internal standing waves. Even at higher volumes, these compact speakers maintain excellent composure, with an airy, pleasant mid-range and punchy bass response-perfect for listeners with eclectic musical tastes.

Connectivity begins with a Lightning charging dock for iPhone 5, iPod touch® (5G), and iPod nano® (7G) in the receiver’s top panel, which enables simple navigation to albums and playlists using the system remote controller. Owners of legacy iPhone/iPod devices can connect, charge and play online and offline content via the front-panel USB port.

Playback of MP3 files from other compatible smartphones, tablets, and flash memory drives is also enabled via USB. A 3.5 mm stereo analog input is included to connect devices that don’t feature the appropriate USB connection.

Whether enjoying music through the system via iPhone audio app, or playing local MP3/AAC files, track selection is simplified by the playlist jump function and album/track repeat buttons on the remote controller. A selectable two-mode Super Bass function, meanwhile, helps get a firmer grip on kick drums and bass guitar without the muffled boominess sometimes associated with affordable mini systems.

Radio listeners are catered to with an FM/AM tuner with 30 memory presets for each band (60 in total). These allow users to program in their favorite stations, making channel selection quick and easy. A sturdy front-loading CD player rounds the package.

As with all Onkyo products, fit and finish is exemplary, with audio-grade components used throughout and a clean, uncluttered exterior style in classic hi-fi black.

From its Pure Audio reference-level components through to the more affordable entry-level offerings on release, Onkyo‘s goal is to turn casual listening into a high-fidelity experience, while making it easier to locate, load, and listen to a wide selection of audio entertainment from the latest mobile devices.

The Onkyo CS-255 will be available this August at a suggested retail price of $299.  

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WiFi Enabled 9.2 Powerhouse Crowns Onkyo’s Mid-Range A/V Receiver Lineup

May 20, 2013 Leave a comment

Onkyo announces the release of a fully loaded 9.2-channel TX-NR929 Network A/V Receiver to crown its mid-range lineup, introducing value-conscious consumers to the visceral thrill of nine-channel entertainment. The all-new model is positioned between the 7.2-channel TX-NR828 Network A/V Receiver also on release, and the company’s existing audiophile-grade flagship products.

The launch of these two THX® Certified receivers-together with the recently unveiled TX-NR727 Network A/V THX Certified Receiver-marks the 20th anniversary of Onkyo‘s collaborative partnership with THX Ltd. Onkyo was one of the first manufacturers to embrace THX quality assurance standards for home theater components, releasing the first-ever THX Certified A/V Receiver in 1994

THX certification is an assurance of the highest quality and performance reserved solely for products that deliver an entertainment experience that’s true to the original creator’s intent. THX Certified Onkyo A/V receivers guarantee THX Reference Level volume and audio quality similar to that of commercial cinemas and professional mix rooms.

“As one of the first CE partners to help bring the THX Certified cinema experience into the living room, we value Onkyo‘s dedication to the THX certification process,” said Peter Vasay, VP technology operations, THX Ltd. “For 20 years Onkyo has collaborated closely with THX engineers through vigorous testing to each THX Certified AVR, all to deliver home theater enthusiasts with the promise of an accurate and powerful audio performance – receivers that preserve artistic integrity and deliver movies and music as intended.”

With the widest selection of THX Certified A/V receivers, Onkyo‘s TX-NR929 and TX-NR828 are both THX® Select2™ Plus certified, signifying they passed more than 2,000 bench tests, ensuring consumers a best-in-class home theater experience.

Onkyo is also among the first to include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology on its entry-level and mid-range A/V receivers, enabling universal wireless audio streaming and adding to an extensive suite of proprietary and licensed technology, including:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi to enable lossless audio streaming from iPhone® and Android devices, as well as app-controllable 192 kHz/24-bit FLAC, Apple Lossless, Dolby® TrueHD, LPCM, and DSD streaming from NAS and personal computer (via network and DLNA)
  • Onboard Bluetooth technology for fast and convenient audio streaming
  • Passthrough of 4K Ultra HD content via HDMI®, and upscaling of lower-resolution video to 4K with Qdeo™ processing technology from Marvell
  • Audyssey’s premium MultEQ XT32® room acoustic equalization on the TX-NR929, and Audyssey MultEQ® on the TX-NR828
  • Upmixing solutions comprising DTS Neo:X™ (TX-NR929 only), Audyssey DSX®, and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz
  • Nine HDMI inputs (including frontside MHL™) and two outputs (TX-NR929); and eight HDMI in (including MHL) and two out (TX-NR828)

The TX-NR929 Network A/V Receiver pushes the boundaries of what is possible from a production home theater, with 11.2 multichannel pre-outs and DTS Neo:X™ upmixing for surround-sound playback through up to 11 channels. If preferred, the user can assign four of the nine available channels to drive audio in Zone 2 and Zone 3 simultaneously. The receiver also has an extra HDMI output for sending high-def video to a second display. Multi-zone entertainment is managed via smartphone app, which encompasses the selection of online streaming services, internet radio channels, and network audio files.

Onkyo 929

As well as having the power to steer high-res movie soundtracks through nine channels at theater-reference volumes, the receiver is loaded with high-end features to optimize two-channel performance. Pre-processing incorporates th.ree 192kHz/24-bit TI Burr-Brown DACs (with one stereo DAC per front channel in Differential DAC Mode). Amplification comes courtesy of Onkyo‘s WRAT (Wide Range Amp Technology) and discrete Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry, a combination that preserves a distinctively musical sound even at high volumes.

Audiophiles wishing to bi-amp their front speakers can find performance increases from Onkyo‘s proprietary Digital Processing Crossover Network. Digital Signal Processing splits the audio signal very precisely into separate high- and low-frequency signals, feeding them to the appropriate speaker drivers. This all but eliminates frequency overlap at the crossover point for a more transparent stereo image.

Delivering a similarly high power output, but through 7.2 channels, is the TX-NR828 Network A/V Receiver-a heavyweight model with an appealing blend of features. Along with 4K passthrough and upscaling, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, and THX certification, the receiver has Audyssey DSX® upmixing and Audyssey MultEQ® room acoustic equalization. A full complement of analog and digital A/V connections-including 7.2 multichannel pre-outs and a phono stage-provide the flexibility for user customization. The receiver offers both Powered Zone 2 outputs and Zone 2/3 line-outs to deliver network audio sources to an existing hi-fi system in third zone.

Onkyo 828

Like its larger sibling, this A/V receiver is very simple to set up and use, with an icon-based overlaid graphical on-screen display and InstaPrevue™ video switching technology. Hybrid Standby, meanwhile, preserves a network connection and HDMI passthrough while the home theater sleeps, allowing the use of TV and media players with the receiver powered down.

With the release of these two receivers, Onkyo consolidates its reputation for building lavishly equipped products to a high standard of excellence. Lauded for their immensely powerful yet detailed surround sound, the company’s A/V receivers ensure a stress-free user experience with faster access to media, wherever it might be stored. It’s this dedication to fidelity, functionality, and value that keeps Onkyo on the leading edge.

The TX-NR828 and TX-NR929 network receivers will have suggested retail prices of $1099 and $1399 respectively. The TX-NR828 will be available at retail in June while the TX-NR929 will be available in July.

THX, the THX logo and Select2 are trademarks of THX Ltd. THX and the THX logo are registered in the U.S. and other jurisdictions.  All rights reserved.

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