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buzz ‘stache: Announcing The Return Of Ugly Kid Joe

The platinum-selling rock group Ugly Kid Joe returns with first new music in over a decade and a half.

ugly kid joe

Platinum sellers Ugly Kid Joe have come back after a long vacation, and they’re ready to rock harder than ever. The California band’s new EP, Stairway to Hell, is due on April 16th through MRI, and it contains songs that span the full repertoire of influences that made Ugly Kid Joe the soundtrack for young snowboarders, surfers, and keggers worldwide.

Watch the video for the single, “I’m Alright”, below.


Stairway to Hell track listing:

Devil’s Paradise
You Make Me Sick
No One Survives
I’m Alright
Love Ain’t True
Another Beer
Cat In the Cradle (acoustic)
Would You Like To Be There (acoustic)
No One Survives (acoustic)
EPK (video)*
It’s Alright (video)*

*bonus content on the physical CD only.

Whether it’s the hypnotic riffery of “Devil’s Paradise”, the melodic power-fueled darkness of “No One Survives” or the irrepressibly chuggin’ chorus of “I’m Alright,” Stairway to Hell makes it clear that Ugly Kid Joe has everything they started with, and have added fatter chops and a superior grip on songwriting to their arsenal.

Tour dates are to be announced soon so be sure to follow Ugly Kid Joe on Facebook, Twitter, and their official site to get the latest news on the band! Page links are provided below.

stairway to hellPreorder Stairway to Hell: Amazon

Ugly Kid Joe online: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter




audio ‘stache: CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Is “Le Best” For The Second Time

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Today, Cirque du Soleil presents its latest compilation album Le Best of 2 comprised of its finest music spanning from 2005 to present.

Stream Le Best of 2, the latest compilation album released by Cirque du Soleil on its official website here, and get a free download of  Facebook fan favorite “Pageant” from the show on

Le Best Of 2 continues the theme found on the popular first edition Le Best Of, released in 2004.  Le Best Of 2 is a must-have collection of favorites for Cirque du Soleil fans, as well as an opportunity for everyone to experience some of Cirque’s finest music.

The compilation features scores from the Cirque du Soleil productions, Amaluna, KOOZA, ZED, Corteo, IRIS, A Journey Through the World of Cinema, TOTEM, CRISS ANGEL Believe, ZAIA, OVO,, Wintuk and Zumanity.

Featured composers on Le Best Of 2 include: BOB & BILL, Danny Elfman, Simon Carpentier, Berna Ceppas, Violaine Corradi, Jean-François Côté, René Dupéré (“Pageant”), Phillipe Leduc and Eric Serra.

Le Best Of 2 Track List

1. Magic Ceremony 1 (from the show Amaluna™ – by BOB & BILL)

2. Pearl (from the show KOOZA – by Jean-François Côté)

3. Blue Silk (from the show ZED – by René Dupéré)

4. Anneaux (from the show Corteo™ – by Philippe Leduc)

5. Flying Scarlett (from the show IRIS, A Journey Through the World of Cinema™ – by Danny Elfman)

6. Qué Viyéra (from the show TOTEM – by BOB & BILL)

7. Flying with the Birds (from the show CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ – by Eric Serra)

8. Noi (from the show ZAIA – by Violaine Corradi)

9. Secret Samba Luv (from the show OVO – by Berna Ceppas)

10. Pageant (from the show KÀ – by René Dupéré)

11. Beyond the Clouds (from the show Wintuk™ – by Simon Carpentier, lyrics by Jim Corcoran)

12. Piece of Heaven (from the show Zumanity™ – by Simon Carpentier, Robbi Finkel)

13. Omé Yo Kanoubé (from the show TOTEM™ – by BOB & BILL)

Purchase Le Best Of 2: Amazon | iTunes

Cirque du Soleil online